Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

The brand new Galaxy S10 lite and the only thing that’s lite about the smartphone is the price that would be 39,999 price tag which is just great pricing. The Galaxy S 10 lite is not a lite smartphone this is a real budget the flagship from Samsung ready to take on Other brands flagship phones. It’s got almost everything going for it the attractive looking design the beautiful AMOLED display with a centre punch hole cameras that so far seem very good a big battery with fast charging and the latest software on board.

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samsung galaxy s10 lite SPECIFICATION

The Galaxy S10 Lite now this is a big phone but in my brief usage, it's a food that's felt very comfortable in the hands I mean it's relatively liteweight 186 grams and it's relatively sleek as you can see plus it helps that this is an attractive looking smartphone our black version just looks classy. the back here is plastic not glass but unlike a lot of other phones that look cheap this looks relatively premium and very glossy you get the new rectangular camera. the front is what makes a lot of the hybrid duels in the slot with micro SD support and the single speaker and USB C on the bottom there is no headphone jack.

This phone particular this here is a big 6.7 inch AMOLED display with narrow bezels all around and the centre punch hole well this looks Beautiful. it's a Samsung AMOLED, and well it looks great deep blacks beautiful colours and it gets bright too I love this display on the front you also get the optical fingerprint scanner which is decently fast. there's also face a lock which works well.

the galaxy s10 lite comes with one UI 2 the point on top of Android 10 so you get all the features like the dark mode which you can steal the link to windows feature, Samsung pay feature, the anti gestures and a lot more.

The galaxy s10 lite packs of triple camera setup including a 48 megapixel F 2.0 primary camera with a 12 megapixel F 2.2 ultra a wide-angle lens and a 5 megapixel F 2.4 the macro lens now that's a capable camera setup and apart from these cameras you can all the other Samsung camera features in the s10 lite the live focus mode which so far has worked well. Moving onto video as the galaxy S10 lite comes at 4k video recording support with OAS and EIS there's no focus 60 FPS the support which is a little weird. couple of exciting video features – they are super steady mode, the live focus video an option which works with both rear and front cameras. the front camera the galaxy s 10 lite a 32 megapixels selfie camera with all the usual features like life focus for all I focus on the video etc.

The Galaxy S10 lite is a looker but what makes this phone not so lite are the specs the galaxy s10 lite comes with flagship-level specs the snapdragon 855 8gb ram, 128 GB storage yep flagship great specs this is Samsung's only phone and them have to come with the snapdragon 855 chipset. I know it's not 855 plus but honestly, the plus did not make a the huge difference it was just mostly overclocking so I'm okay with the 855 anyway. The S10 lite benchmark scores are excellent (471022) but what's more important is the phone feels smooth and beautiful in really one usage I haven't used this phone extensively but so far it's been real good gaming should be celebrated, and the gaming performance was... what you expect from a flagship phone on the max graphics.

The battery which goes further improving that this is not a lite phone the Galaxy S10 lite comes with a 4500 mAh battery which is the biggest battery when it comes to the s10 phones. plus on the charging for in the Galaxy s10 lite supports 45-watt charging and comes to the same 25 watts super fast charger.


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