This year and you know what you can finally also expect we were to introduce the haloed type-c port in its phones this year up the new vivo s1 pro has it in the USB type-c port the s1 pro as the name suggests is an upgrade in vivo s line of selfie focus smartphones is a beefier version of the s1 phone. and let’s get down to a full review of the first smartphone to have launched in India in 2020 in typical ViVO fashion you get a lot of accessories inside theretail packaging of the Vivo s1 pro.

some pictures of Vivo s1 pro

vivo s1 pro specification

just brings one word to my head and that's whimsical let's start by talking about the diamond-shaped camera module with two rounded edges I doubt if there is any other phone in the market with this design honestly I think it looks nice the four cameras are placed inside this module that is only slightly based plus the red accents on the fancy sky which is the white variant look slightly out of placeat first but it grows on you and you realize that's the distribution factor out here the colorway of the aspen pros plastic body is mostly white but you have these splotches of purple gradient that you can spot when you look at the phone from an angle, I also like the mauve trend running around the edges the whole design aesthetic is very pleasing and soothing to the eyesI'm sure more than us men and the women are going to find this phone very attractive wouldn't use a case on this one and the best part is that you won't have to either considering white is very good at hiding smudges and scratches but I particularly enjoyed about the s1 pro's design is the gently sloping curved edges on the rear it makes holding the phone with one hand and using it and absolute the light it has a very nice in-hand feel that cannot be explained in words the other great thing about the design is that Vivo has finally adopted USB type-c which sits at the bottom edge to its left is the mono speaker grille to top it all off there also a headphone jack at the top no pun intended now for some odd reason we were decided to go with the hybrid SIM tray instead of triple SIM slot that was available on the S1 overall. 

the s1 pro has one of the best displays in its price category the tall 6.38-inch 19.5 in an aspect ratio display is a Super AMOLED HD plus panel colors are bright crispy and the pump however the color temperature is not accurate with a slightly cooler tone by default anyway you can change the color temperature from the display settings to suit you plus the brightness levels are pretty good too no complaints there now you do get white wine elbow and support on the phone which means you can watch streaming content on amazon prime and Netflix in HD moreover there's no HDRsupport which is possibly why I still think the s1 pro loses out to the redmi k20 when it comes to display supremacy under 20k also the Redmi k20 doesn't have a notch whereas the s1 pro has a tiny water drop notch that said the s-1 pro is displaced still pretty impressive when by the way you also get an extra layer of short sensation 3D glass for protection against scratches.

Well all know by now that fun touch OS is not even the lightest Android skin out there there is a major iOS hangover that continues to persist even in the latest version 9.2 running on the s1 pro but I have to give it to Vivos engineers for making it super light improving RAMmanagement and adding a whole ton of cool features for example I like the split-screen mode and dark mode on Vivo phones nowadays plus the fact that is inlock in-app in memory is a handy addition I know it is not a unique feature but I'm glad it exists on webphone now you also get the option to change the grid size and the shape of the icons as well think that's handy too but there are issues, for example, I don't understand why Vivo wants to persist with its first-party keyboards for passwords it is heavy-handed and has a very iOS lifeworld approach this time. 

Let’s talking about the cameras on the Vivo s1pro the 32 mimics will selfie camera is the headliner on this phone and why shouldn't it begive its ample light and with all the beauty effects turned off which are aplenty you can get some very good-looking selfies with controlled dynamic range in the background but you need to turn off beauty mode I can see why selfie lovers would want to buy this phone however one thing baffles why wouldn't we will give bouquet effects in selfies there is a portrait mode but it doesn't blur the background which is just completely weird the app also has a very confusing layout sincerely, for example, you can switch on hdr this is Auto HDR and not always-on one and you are moving on to the rear cameras you get a forty 8-megapixel Samsung sensor as a primary camera it takes pictures that are definitely underexposed with a lot of details missing in the highlights however that helps keep the highlight clipping in check so you know some advantage there the color accuracy is fine not too great in close-ups the phone struggles badly with reds and turns them pink low-light shots from this camera look okay and to be entirely honest there are far better phone cameras out there furthermore there is no night mode to speak of so that another downer there's a dedicated 2 MP depth sensor and you do get great portraits with a good detection out of the phone I quite like the portrait lighting features - now there's also the dedicated 8 megapixel a wide-angle camera that takes dull and soft pictures and the same is the case for the 2 MP macro camera. 

if we compare the benchmark scores of the s1 pro against the realme x2 and the redmi K20 the s-1 Pro cuts the sorry figure take a look at the numbers to judge for yourself while looking game on the s-1 throw titles like pop G and COD offer a better experience on force with snapdragon 7 10 and above but here's the thing if you don't play a lot of games the s1 proofers excellent daily performance this phone just works didn't face a single lag or stutter in my time with the phone and the RAMmanagement is stupendously good the phone ran as many apps as I wanted in the background without shutting them down intermittently obviously the s12 is not great for graphics-intensive workloads but it is a workhorse that moves at breakneck speed further a killer usage it was a delight for my everyday use case where apps open instantly and I had multiple social networks open in the background more than 20 tabs on Chrome and a whole lot more without really stressing out the phone a lot of credit also goes to the superfast UFS 2.1 storage inside the phone I'm genuinely super impressed with the regular day-to-day performance also p.m. the experience even further is the fast in-display fingerprint scanner and face unlock. 

Finally the Vivo s1 pro comes with the4500 mAh battery, unfortunately, you can check the screen on time on the phone but I did track one and a half days of battery life on heavy usage you also get a bundled 18-watt fast charger inside the box that can charge the phone from zero to hundred in exactly two hours and it's confusing as even X has a faster twenty-two point five watts bundle charger so why didn't we Bo go to the same solution for the S Pen probe which is weird at the end for most geeks like me out there who are watching this video the x1 Pro is probably not going to be an option but for everyone else, I can see how this phone works for example, I like the fact that it has a good design it's got a good display and it's got a speedy but fairly reliable performance as w/ell and of course, it's got great selfies taking abilities so I think that there is a market out there for the s1Pro having said that I'm not particularly a fan of the rear camera performance or even front touch OS for that matter I know what let's just compare the S1 Pro against its immediate competitors and see where it stacks up from the very same Vivo family the XIVand X offers a lot of things more from the core performance to the faster charging does even exist feels like a better buy overall but the s1 pro takes better selfies if only slightly and it looks better for what it is worth again but looks are subjective compared to the Redmi note 8 pro the SM Pro has only a couple of redeeming factors the Super AMOLED panel plus lightweight chassis and the better selfie camera so if you want the S Pen pro you have to crave for a better selfie camera for every other need the note 8 pro is just leagues better than the s1 pro and finally if you compare it to the real mex2 the s-1 pro stands no chance the good points such as AMOLED panel and the selfie camera is matched. here all and all I liked using the s1 Prothere's some sort of expected to it that sort of made it work for me but I'm pretty sure that this phone is not going to be for everyone. I hope you guys liked it do let me know in the comment section.


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